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i am still alive.

i finally have the net. yay. the move went well. our apartment is really nice and quiet. it looks great - better than i imagined even. i am happy that the past years living situation is over - on to better things and times. some people just cant get along. and i use the word cant here because i tried, especially towards the end, but some things never change i guess.  

spring term is over. 4 B's and 1 A. my GPA is higher than i need it to be and only 12 more credit hours until i am at 60 - which means that my college career will be halfway over and i also get a 50 cent pay raise at work when i hit 60 hours at school. so thats nice. speaking of work - i really enjoy it there. they keep me busy which i enjoy and i get to spend my day with animals! i have been getting to watch more surgerys lately and they are really interesting. i think that i want to become a petnurse. at first i totally dismissed the thought of it, but watching them, it seems like something i'd like to do when i am ready for a full time job.

nick and i went to sebastian last week. it was nice seeing my family. my brother and precious flew in and my grandma lives there now so most of my family was there. its really nice being with everyone. nick gets along so well - its like hes known them forever. i also finally got to see becca. i wish she lived here because i really miss her. :(

we've been thinking about the wedding a little bit lately. we might get married in chicago since we'll be living there in a few years. i want a really small wedding. i want it to be beautiful and everything, but i dont want a lot of people. just friends and family that we are really close to. plus - if we get married in chicago then i can send a lot of people invitations and only the ones that really want to be there will come. lol. we've also been thinking about honeymoon places. i want to go to italy. how amazing...

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