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5/4/06 04:42 pm - i am still alive.

i finally have the net. yay. the move went well. our apartment is really nice and quiet. it looks great - better than i imagined even. i am happy that the past years living situation is over - on to better things and times. some people just cant get along. and i use the word cant here because i tried, especially towards the end, but some things never change i guess.  

spring term is over. 4 B's and 1 A. my GPA is higher than i need it to be and only 12 more credit hours until i am at 60 - which means that my college career will be halfway over and i also get a 50 cent pay raise at work when i hit 60 hours at school. so thats nice. speaking of work - i really enjoy it there. they keep me busy which i enjoy and i get to spend my day with animals! i have been getting to watch more surgerys lately and they are really interesting. i think that i want to become a petnurse. at first i totally dismissed the thought of it, but watching them, it seems like something i'd like to do when i am ready for a full time job.

nick and i went to sebastian last week. it was nice seeing my family. my brother and precious flew in and my grandma lives there now so most of my family was there. its really nice being with everyone. nick gets along so well - its like hes known them forever. i also finally got to see becca. i wish she lived here because i really miss her. :(

we've been thinking about the wedding a little bit lately. we might get married in chicago since we'll be living there in a few years. i want a really small wedding. i want it to be beautiful and everything, but i dont want a lot of people. just friends and family that we are really close to. plus - if we get married in chicago then i can send a lot of people invitations and only the ones that really want to be there will come. lol. we've also been thinking about honeymoon places. i want to go to italy. how amazing...

4/13/06 11:08 am - stuff.

so we are in the car yesterday and we have the radio come on and this amazing song comes on that i've never heard before and i am like, its linkin park with a chick. so i go home and i look it up on myspace. its freaking MIKE SHINODA from linkin park. simply amazing!!! so my music find for this week = fort minor. i wish it was the chick and shinoda on every song, but sadly, its not. still really good though ;)

less than a week until we start moving. its weird to think that pretty soon it will just be us. waking up to him every morning. 2 humans and 3 cats in one bed - it'll be a bit cramped - but we've done it before. 

i am going to dye my hair black today and maybe i'll redye the tips red again - it looked pretty cool before. maybe i'll do pink or blonde or something. i am gonna cut it too. myself. 

i was packing up my cameras the other day and i started watching my movies. i need to start taking more. my cats are growing up and i want to take pictures of them so i can look back and say "look how playfull they were!" i want to start taking more pictures in general. my dad is trading cameras with me when i see him in 2 weeks. his is realllly small and mine is just normal sized. 

i love thursdays. no school and no work. its so damn nice.

easter is on sunday. i need to make nick a basket. i am going to put beef jerky and coke in it rather than candy. :) he'll be so pleased.

4/8/06 10:07 am - skadjlaksjdolijlkqjl!!!!!!

i've been stressed lately. i wish school was over. 5 classes is a bit much for me. i always have a test, or a paper, or a project due every week. i had 2 tests last week, 2 tests this week, then one test and a project due the next week, then moving, then finals. i need a break.  i am going to take core II this summer. i was hoping to take core during summer A and then my last lit class during summer B. i dont know if i am going to do both though, because 6 weeks of no school sounds realllllly good. 

we move out in a week and a half. i am so excited, its a new part of my life. living with just nick, its going to be wonderful. we've been waiting for this. i am happy to get away from the annoying people downstairs, they are always loud and drunk. i've been thinking about the past year here and its been interesting to say the least. its weird to start living with a friend - past expieriences have either been very good or very bad. living in one room with 2 people who became my best friends was pretty amazing. i could come home, or they could come home and we all liked being in eachothers company. so i came out of that great living situation and go into one where i live w/my boyfriend and my very good friend. and i think it became me and nick = one, and cash = our 19 year old kid. because nick and i like it neat, and quiet, and basically our way. i see it more now that i look back. cash was, at one time, a very good friend. sometimes, i like his company, and i remember the good times that we shared before we lived together. but i just cant get past certain things. i know that what he wants is to come home to friends and be accepted or just welcomed or acknowledged or something. he likes people, he likes the company of others. nick and i want to come home to eachother and on occasion, to our few close friends. we are more solitary and our idea of fun is cooking or making furniture or going to a flea market. we are so at different points in our lives - we just want different things. looking back, i am not sorry that i ever said any of the things that i said to him. because i was just saying how i felt and honestly, i would rather not be fake, but we are on speaking terms right now and its been much nicer that the previous 11 months that we were here.

in other news, my birthday was great! steph and jen made me a whole box of birthday presents, it was awesome! they brought it to psych class and made me open it there. stephanie even got me a signed Trading Yesterday c.d. nick took me out to dinner and then i got to open my presents from him. he got me the Friends Scene It game which pretty much equals amazement. so after dinner  we get back to the apartment and he walks me to my room and i open the door and its decorated with streamers and stuff and then stephanie walks in from the balcony. then she goes into my mini fridge and pulls out a cookie cake (the best kind of cake!) it was great. i have the best friends ever.

i have a lot of my room packed up already. i found my old good charlotte cd. i like finding old stuff. and i like throwing tons of old stuff away too. 

i have 2 whole days off. i dont want to do anything. i am shutting off my cell phone - i dont want to talk to anyone. i just need some alone time. and some nick time of course. we've been working on finishing our furniture that we made. it looks really good. everything is coming together. how exciting!

3/28/06 06:26 pm - sexy.

L.O, L.O, L.O,L.O.V.E
love ^

3/25/06 10:00 pm - :)

spring break has been lovely. the dickheads downstairs came home tonight and i can hear them already. i wish they'd ... be quiet i guess. plus, its only been me and nick in the apartment for the past week and its been nice.
my new job is kick ass. 

my birthday is on wednesday. ♥

3/7/06 02:12 pm - blah.

move in day is april 18. everything is signed. we are in the process of buying/making/finding great furniture. i am going to take some pictures so we can frame them and hang them. our walls here are so blah and white, so i figure that we should have artwork in our new place. maybe we'll paint, i d k, its vaulted cielings again so it'd be a pain in the ass. we have a fireplace now. we can roast marshmellows in the winter, and on christmas morning, we can open our presents by the fireplace. 
alsooo, christiana and stephanayy might be moving into the same complex. how great would that be?!?!?! like an episode of friends, thats how cool.
school is still going good. my nutrition teacher has been added to my list of most annoying people ever. she says "potatA" instead of "potatoe"... 
i took my drug test yesterday for banfield. i need to quit gap now. i feel like should use my discount one last time though. also i've never just quit a job for no reason before. disney was seasonal, sears i left bc i moved to jax and well there was build-a-bear... but i forgot about that. 
i am gonna go take some pictures. see ya.

3/4/06 12:17 pm - hooray!

new job new job new job new job new job yay!


new apartment new apartment new apartment new apartment yay!

3/2/06 11:36 am - aslfkjdlskfjkljiwj

ugh tomorrow is going to be busy busy. we have to go to nicks dads retirement ceremony in the morning. then i have a job interview and then we have to go back to his parents house for a shindig. i love his parents but i have to meet the other half of the family. the half that everyone has that they are a bit ashamed of and try to hide from the world. ehhhh.

but yesss ... job interview!!! its for banfield which is the animal hospital in petsmart. i really want a job change. retail is gay. i dont want this kind of a job in 5 years, so maybe its time to start changing that now. it'll help in the future.

i got an ipod for my birthday even though its 28 days away. but its cute, i like it. the new sims comes out today. its pretty much the only computer game i play, so i am excited.

we are gonna call tia today about our new apartment. its 2 months until we need to be out of here, so its time to see what they will have available for our move in date. we are hoping that we get one with a fireplace. she told us before that if they didnt have exactly what we wanted that she'd move us in one temporarily and then they'd move us when one opened up. i hear that its very very quiet over there. its so cute, people walking around with children and kids on their bikes. its just what we want. i am going to shoot myself if we have some loud college kids below us like we do now.

we need to start thinking about wedding dates. i havent even had much time to think about anything wedding-related lately. my focus right now is to keep up with school. i am doing well this semester. i am taking 5 classes. and i havent dropped any, and i am doing C or better in all of them. even my really hard ones. every time i am done with one test, there is another one to study for. one project down, here comes another to worry about. but its okay, it keeps me busy. i am trying to organize my day so that i am at school in the morning, work in the afternoon, and then time with nick at night.

so we are in the midst of lent. i am not sure what i am going to give up yet. i'd like to say, soda. but i know that wont happen, so i am not going to set my self up for failure. the only thing i have ever given up cold turkey is meat, and that was the easiest decision of my life. but this is different. argh.

>well duh.

2/24/06 09:36 pm - wurd.

♥ tonight i was reminded how great of a movie Twister is.

in other news, nick and i are seriously quite the little furniture makers. i think its our new hobby.

i have recently figured out that i want to work with animals. so today i applied to baywood animal hospital, banfield, and petsmart (either to be a cashier, grooming assistant or dog trainer.) they teach you how to train dogs and to do the grooming stuff and if you are a cashier there you can bring your pets to work with you. how fun! i am also thinking about volunteering at Lucky Cat Adoptions which does adopting through petsmart. i go to petsmart to play with the cats every week. its so sad, i always end up crying before i leave the store. if anyone wants a cat but doesnt have the money or something, i'll pay the adoption fees for you. its so satisfying to rescue an animal that will love you forever. 

i got an 88 on my social problems test. stephanie always does one question better than me on all of our tests - it never fails.

2/15/06 09:30 pm - hmmm.

i listened to Aria tonight. it made me shed a few tears.

i played my sax this weekend. it brought back a ton of memories. nick tried playing it and got really frustrated bc he couldnt even get a note out. how cute. i told him that our kids need to be in band when they are older. it was the greatest expierience of my life.

on a side note, the James Blunt cd is terrible.

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